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Join our community and learn from some of the best verified full time day traders. When enrolled as a Trading Empire student, you will have access to in depth study material and coursework along with direct mentorship directly from the founder, Corey Murphy. You will learn fundamentals and the specific day trading strategies Corey and his team use to profit with over 70% accuracy.

Day trading academy

Join the Trading Empire community!

We care about more than just the trades on our screen.

Our passion, intent, and focus is to share the real life experience and knowledge while guiding individuals who are seeking to create a real career for themselves, trading. Real people, real results, real guidance.

Here are some of the benefits students receive when joining the Trading Empire community!

Private Discord Community

Students have exclusive premium access to our private discord community. Here, verified traders share their trade ideas and help one another along the road to profitability.

Live Trading

Every single day at market open, Corey streams live to students. Here, he discusses his live-trading, answers questions, and shares his thoughts on stocks that are currently moving.

Morning Watch-list

Every morning, Corey shares and breaks down his morning watch list of meticulously selected stocks and covers his specific trade plan for the day.

Live Stock Scanner

Gain access to view a custom live scanner all through market open! Watch as stocks show strength and begin to show strong price action.

Direct Mentorship

Ask Corey questions directly and get feedback in live time. Expedite the steep learning curve of trading by having an experienced, qualified trader by your side at all times.

Crypto Analysis

Join active discussion about the evolving crypto currency market and watch as traders share trading plans and ideas for the next big move.

The Process.

Your journey to profitability can be a long, frustrating road filled with trial and error… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Study the material.

Upon enrollment, you will receive access to learning material and coursework. Complete these videos with thoughtful notes and be ready to review and discuss. No one likes to do the busy work.. but the content created was built to provide a clear road map to create a strong independent trader.

Ask questions in real time.

The biggest asset is your direct connection to profitable traders. Take advantage of this and ask your coach all of the questions you can possibly think of! The more questions you ask, the quicker you comprehend and turn that understanding into profitability.

Trade in a simulator.

The longer you can stay in the game, the more likely you are to succeed. Putting the strategy into action and proving profitability in a simulator is key when beginning the day trading journey. Prove profitability, implement the strategy, improve, then transfer to a real account.

Keep a beginner’s mind.

Stay in a mind of learning! We are always getting better at everything we do, as long as we allow ourselves to. The same goes for trading. Always look to improve your trading abilities and always seek growth.

The Reality.

Here are the verified trading statistics for the year of 2020.

2020 % Winning Trades


2020 % Profitable Days


2020 % Losing Trades


2020 % Days Resulting in Loss


All of Trading Empire’s trading data is tracked and verified through broker statements and organized through

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Topics Covered in the Mentor Trading Program

A big topic of discussion within the course is identifying support and resistance areas. We will discuss how to spot these important levels and how we trade around them to profit consistently.

Support / Resistance

Trend lines and identifying key levels are both very important when mapping a trade plan. Being able to accurately foresee these areas of support or resistance allows us to manage trades effectively.

Trend Lines & Key Levels

Level 2 & Time/Sales are the bread and butter when trading low-float momentum stocks. You will learn how to accurately and effectively read level 2 data to better understand and predict the volatile price action.

Reading Level 2 & Time/Sales

Mapping out a trade plan during pre market hours allows you to manage risk and better capitalize on the opportunities within the market. You will learn what a strong trade plan is and how to create one on your own each day.

Trade Planning

The psychology behind the trader is one of the most important things that separates those who succeed and those who fail. We will discuss how to remove emotion from your trading strategy and better prepare yourself for a stable career day trading.

Trading Psychology

The philosophy of Trading Empire is to offer direct leadership and guidance to those who are willing to make an effort in creating a sustainable career day trading. You will have direct access to a trading mentor where you can ask questions and learn from a verified profitable trader.

Direct Mentorship

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